I Love This

November 22, 2010
  • Technology

I love this

Dont you love things like this? It combines so many things that really interest me: individual users hacking proprietary software/hardware, augmented reality, and real-time 3-d visualization.

The story is that last week or so, Microsoft released Kinect, which is essentially a controller for its X-box console that takes as input the users physical position and movements. It uses a RGB camera coupled with two depth sensors (which essentially are cameras that arent interested in color as much as position and parallax) to create and interpret a 3-d image. Of course, the intention is for this to be used by X-Box games made or approved of by Microsoft. But once the hardware has been built and nicely compartmentalized, its only a matter of time before people hack it and learn how to use the sensors input for their own programs.

Weve seen this before. When the Wii came out with similar technology, it was hacked by many, as described in this Ted Talk . And my favorite instance of videogame systems being hacked is when a research group hooked together 16 Playstation 3s to preform parallel black hole simulations: PS3


Im very excited to see what else can come from this sort of technology. The obvious next step would be to combine two or more of these Kinect devices to get a more complete 3-d image. I dont know about you, but I think this stuff is really cool.