George Lewis

I'm a programmer, data scientist, physicist, a lover of technology, and a person who's fascinated by learning how almost anything works.

I work at LendUp, a startup whose goal is to safely extend credit to all who need it.

I previously obtained a PhD in High Energy Experimental Particle Physics at from New York University, where I worked on the the ATLAS experiment on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

I was also a fellow at the Insight Data Science Program.

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I can be reached at the following email address:

Symmetries are all around us and shape our lives in ways few understand. On an aesthetic level, symmetries are considered beautiful and visually pleasing. But the mathematical concept of a symmetry goes much deeper than the familiar definition. In a deep, fundamental way, symmetries govern how the world works. They are the language of the most fundamental physical processes that we can describe.