Eating on $1 a day

June 18, 2010
  • General

I stumbled upon a fascinating blog written by a man who decided to spend a month spending only $1 a day on food. This isn't a blog about a man starving himself. Rather, the author became an expert on the nuances of supermarket coupons and used them to maximize his purchasing power. It's actually quite incredible what he was able to do. By using certain coupons and making certain purchases, he is actually able to make a profit by buying things (he gets more store credit than money spent). He includes all receipts for his purchases so the reader doesn't become skeptical.

However, his it's hard not to be somewhat skeptical, or to be constantly amazed, by the things that are more or less given away, if you know how to look.

Anyway, here's the blog: BLOG.

Recommended reading if you have some free time.